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Web Sites related to Graphic design and Web development.

2D Graphics resources

Free textures and clipart - free textures and clipart by

3D Graphics resources
3ds Max | LW | MAYA | XSI | wings3D | Blender - tutorials.

Programming tutorials and resources

redho PHP tutorials - introductive lesson to PHP on forums.
PHP: A simple tutorial - Manual - A great and detailed PHP tutorial
Introduction to PHP - another introduction to PHP from
Intro to PHP - an introduction to PHP on
PHP VIDEO TUTORIALS - great detailed and free video php tutorials
------------- free pre-configured PHP development environments:
EasyPHP - a pre-configured Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP environment
Xampp - an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl
WampServer - Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

JAVA programming forum - JAVA tutorials and discussions on forums.
The Java™ Tutorials - JAVA tutorials from SUN
Free Java Guide - These tutorials will introduce you to Java programming Language.

Web Design resources

HTML intro - Introduction to HTML
HTML forum - HTML tutorials, examples and discussions on forums

CSS intro - Introduction to HTML by
CSS forum - CSS tutorials, examples and discussions on forums
CSS tutorials - video CSS tutorials by
CSS lessons - css tutorials by

JavaScript tutorials - introduction to javascript
JavaScript forum - JavaScript tutorials, examples and discussions

Web Design and development service providers - java development solutions

web 3D service - high quality web design solutions

PHP and Python development solutions - by

NetForza web design solutions - russian web design firm

Web hosting service providers - ROYAL WEB HOSTING excellent web hosting provider.

NetForza web hosting solutions - a russian webhosting provider

Free Web Hosting for vegetarians - free subdomain hosting for vegan websites.