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Vegan News - vegan vegetarian news portal

Vegan Forum - discussion forums for vegans and vegetarians

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web development forum - CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java discussion forum

Jslope - Java development - java development solutions

3D animation resources - Resources for 3D artists

3D animation forums - Discussion forums for 3D artists

Dubai Forums - English discussion forums for Dubai expats and visitors.

Paris Forums - English discussion forums for Paris expats and visitors.

EU Forums - European Union forums, discussing hot EU topics

Australian Chat Forum - Australia Brisbane forums

Dubai Classifieds - Free Dubai ads

London Classifieds - Free London UK ads

London UK Jobs - listings of Jobs in London

Directory of EU bulletin boards -

Vegan Directory - directory of vegan websites

Vegan Nutrients Project - sort vegan foods by the amount of vitamins and minerals

UVEM - Vegetarian Union of Moldova

Vegan Club - Vegan Club Wiki - home page of Andrei Baca (Andy`Ba). The main goal was to make a site with simple but austere style that will be in a contrast with all 3D works displayed on the site.